What Is Concept To Creation?

Founded by Katie Duke and Nicole Thomas, two successful healthcare professionals who have launched second careers in the social media and public figure industries, the Concept to Creation workshop will TEACH you the foundational strategies and guidelines to begin earning money by building your brand or business.
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Here Is Why Katie & Nicole Created This Course....

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It's Time To Create Multiple Streams of Income !

Let's be honest... as healthcare providers, educators, students, and professionals we mostly likely have experienced or will experience burnout at some point. But it doesn't have to be this way! YOU HAVE OPTIONS! You can learn how to create new opportunities through speaking events, social media platforms, blogging, consulting, and growing a brand/business in today's digital world.

Have you ever thought about becoming an impactful influencer, blogger, author, public speaker, or starting your own brand or business online? Have you been overwhelmed with thoughts about “WHERE and HOW to start?” Then Concept to Creation: The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Course is your starting point as your first investment in your future.


  • The Industry of social media, blogging, influencer marketing, and lifestyle branding is a billion dollar industry which has changed the entire realm and practice of marketing over the last 5 years.

  • Brands and companies are restructuring their marketing from traditional platforms utilizing agencies to the platforms of influencer marketing, blogging, events, pop-ups, collaborations, and ambassadors.

  • Before the age of social media, the concept of creating your own brand, business, platform, or campaign was something many could not fathom outside of a traditional brick and mortar company built from the ground up. However, with the direct link that social media connects between a public figure and their audience, this prior concept of entrepreneurship is outdated.

  • Social media gives any individual, with the right amount of determination and guidance, the ability and opportunity to start a second career, provide extra income, launch a brand or business, or host a creative outlet outside of their typical full time “day job”.

  • Social media influencers, bloggers, and public figures are building organic platforms that lead to financial freedom and career independence through content creation, paid campaigns, brand collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships, authoring books, selling custom merchandise, and more.

  • As healthcare providers, the vast experience, expertise, and level of trust we offer is highly valuable.


  • Purpose & Goal Setting

    Learn how to find and channel your purpose so that you can set intentional & meaningful goals.

  • Legal Concepts

    While we are not attorneys ( so make sure you seek legal counsel) you will learn the basics of forming an LLC, Trademark, & Tax preparation as a small business/brand.

  • Brand Growth

    Strategies and resources to launch and grow a brand and business from social media.

  • Book Speaking Engagements That Earn You Money

    Strategies to earn income from social media and speaking events.

  • Content Creation

    Establishing and growing your online presence, guidelines, and strategies for content creation and branding.

  • Etiquette

    Business etiquette, legal, and ethical practice guidelines to influencer marketing.

  • Brand Partnerships

    Approaches to securing brand sponsorships and partnerships.

  • Brand Collaborations

    Strategies and guidelines for collaborations, partnerships, contracts, and negotiations.

  • Mindset

    How to channel your lifestyle and mindset to achieve your goals.

Learn how to launch your brand from industry experts Katie Duke and Nicole Thomas, who back their lessons with REAL receipts, major contracts, and years of experience.


  • 20+ Video Modules

    $5,000 Value

    In each course module, Katie & Nicole will provide you with REAL action steps, strategies, and resources of the invaluable lessons they have learned about building a successful brand that has afforded them an opportunity to generate a second income.

  • PDF Templates & Action Sheets

    $100 Value

    Guided action sheets to help write down and meaningfully direct your thoughts, plans, and concepts.

  • Goal Setting E-Course & Template

    $300 value

    Goals without plans are hallucinations! All students will receive a detailed goal setting e-course to learn how to properly set goals with an action plan and the actual template Nicole utilizes to reach her goals which have helped her build multiple profitable brands such as Nicole Thomas INC, The Nurse Power Network, and Impact Nurse Consulting

Essential Brand Development Document Templates

  • Multiple Legal Templates

    $3,500 Value

    Did you know that when a graphic designer creates a logo for you that they own it because they are the creator? How about did you know that when you engage in an endeavor with someone (no matter how small) you should have an agreement? Well, we are not attorneys at all ( so please always seek legal counsel) but we are ensuring you have the actual templates we use for our day to day legal needs.

  • Website Essentials

    $1,000 Value

    Website privacy policy? Website terms? or how about website disclaimer? Did you even know you needed these things? Well, we are ensuring you have them!

  • Concept To Creation Resource Guide

    $500 Value

    Do you know who you can trust to develop your graphics? Or who can you trust to help you with your legal needs? What platforms should you use for content creation? Who is an amazing photographer that you can trust to capture your brand perfectly? Well, we are providing with our trust and HIGHLY professional circle of resources (and no they aren't paying us.... we have actually used every resource on the list).


To ensure you have everything you need to take your concept to a full creation we are including some exclusive NON-GOOGLEABLE Bonuses that will have you creating the PROFITABLE brand of your dreams.

  • Private Community


    All students of the Concept To Creation course will have access to our private student-only community where they can connect with other like-minded individuals, get advice and exclusive tips to help them turn their concept into an actual brand, and receive direct support from Katie & Nicole.

  • Ninja Tip Videos

    $100 value

    Receive REAL out of the box tips that you can implement immediately to help propel your brand to the next level.

  • Branding E-Book

    $50 Value

    While this course includes a VERY comprehensive video module on the critical elements of branding, we have MORE! All students will receive our branding E-Book that provides step by step directions on how to effectively & strategically brand their creation.

Here's What Past Course Attendees Said:

“Hey Katie, It was such a pleasure meeting you and experiencing your gift! I gained a wealth of knowledge and will continue on this journey to becoming a greater version of myself! You are and have something special and although you have experienced some trials, greater is in you therefore you will always win! I just wanted to say thank you for being you and sharing ways to succeed! Your blessings are already stored up and locating you go doing so! Keep up the great work! ”

Annie Law

“I took the concept to creation course in August 2020 with Katie Duke and Nicole Thomas. The course has helped me to jump start my nursing mentoring business. They provide actionable items to start an online business. They helped me to define my purpose and niche. My purpose/niche to help nurses who are transitioning to the NP role, as I want to help them to prevent some of the mistakes/errors that I made. The helped me with legal concepts such as forming an LLC, privacy statements etc. The course taught me the importance of aesthetics of my page such as having professional photos & branding (logo etc) I didn’t even have a logo before this course. I used a connection from Nicole Thomas to get a digital creator to Develop a logo/branding (currently in process now) so be on the look of for that. The courses promotes being your authentic self, that realness allows people to relate to you more. They also provided an 18 month concept to creation workbook that allows you to make smaller goals until you reach larger goals. I’m still a work in progress. Nicole & Katie are also available after the course as your mentors to guide you along the way. If you are looking to build an online business, this is the course for you.”

Dr. Fameisha Williams, DNP, APRN/Level up Nursing

“Concept for Creation gave me the confidence and tools I needed to get my brand off the ground and will benefit you whether you are in healthcare or not. Not only are Nicole and Katie incredibly inspiring, but also full of real-world advice, and that is what takes you places.”

Alexandra Skinner, ACNPC-C/ICU Nurse Practitioner

“This course was incredible! Nicole and Katie are such a wealth of knowledge from nailing down your niche and audience, to content to landing brand deals and beyond, these ladies covered everything. And since they're speaking from experience, you know it's the best information. After their course I was able to organize my content so much better, land several deals, grow my following but most importantly find my voice. Thank you Katie and Nicole for everything! ”

Dr. Erin Isaac, DMD/Pediatric Dentist

“The Concept to Creation course was really the catalyst for the changes I’ve made both personally and professionally this year. Katie and Nicole are not only phenomenal mentors; but they’re real women who have created authentic, genuine platforms that they use to share information and empower others. They have created seats at a table for women with visions for their future to come and sit at. This course provided me with so much insight and helped me to reflect deeply on decisions and move forward in my goals with purpose!”

Bianca Lacey, BSN, RN


Dr. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN, CCM

Nurse, Author, Speaker, Educator

Award-winning nurse leader, educator, mentor, wealth builder & author are a few of the words to describe Dr. Nicole Thomas, DNP, RN CCM, the founder of Nicole Thomas INC., an educational firm that provides education, tools, and resources to nurses, nurse practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals who have a desire to take their career to a level that is beyond the confines and limits that have placed on them by society’s perception of what their respective role should be. In addition, Nicole is the creator of The Nurse Power Network is an online community and offline event curator for nurses seeking to gain control of their narrative as a nurse and operate in Nurse Power. Nicole has led in her roles as an executive nurse-leader for a fortune 7 healthcare organization, educator, & brand builder for multiple healthcare organizations. Here are just some of NICOLE’S RECEIPTS ....... Former Nurse Executive for fortune 7 healthcare organization x 5 years Directed & Helped develop Baton Rouge Free Clinic Co-Founder The Nurse Power Network (Current audience of over 30k) Best Selling Author In Health On Purpose Multiple contract winner Spoken at over 100+ events, workshops, conferences Learn more about Nicole by visiting www.nicolethomasinc.com

Katie Duke, MSN, ACNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner, Speaker, Mentor, Podcast Host

Katie Duke is a multi-talented professional with 16 years of experience in Nursing, with the last 5 years spent working as a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in New York City. She serves as a clinical preceptor to graduate students, editorial contributor, keynote and motivational speaker, mentor, podcast host, and agency represented social media influencer. Ms Duke is respected most for her authentic transparency and relatable content focusing on mentoring, lifestyle, and professional career experience and guidance, with an emphasis on how to grow through your “Bad Decisions” and make them your success story. Duke completed a Masters of Science in Nursing from Columbia University in the City of New York. She serves on the Advisory Board at Association for Healthcare Social Media. She is the host of the “Bad Decisions Podcast”, which is a Top 25 Rated Philosophy Podcast on Apple podcast charts. In 2019, the Katie Duke + Cherokee Uniforms Collection launched; making it the World’s first collaborative scrubs collection between a medical apparel brand and a Nursing Professional. Over the course of building her personal platform, she has worked with global brands on influencer marketing campaigns, she has been featured in women’s empowerment media campaigns alongside Ashley Graham, Brooke Shields, and Angela Simmons, and was featured on the 2020 Emmy Awards for her work as a frontline provider during the NYC Covid19 crisis, and additionally presented the Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

If You Need More Reasons on Why You MUST Take This Course..... Listen To Some Past Attendees !


The value of this course is over $11,000 (yes you read that right...just check out the above components of this course!), but because we are committed to helping you develop your brand, we are excited to offer a DEEP discount for the Concept To Creation Course for a limited amount of time (yes we know we are crazy for offering this course this low but we truly want to help you change your life).

  • 3 x $332.00

    3 x $332.00Concept To Creation Payment Plan

    Want to start the concept to creation course NOW & pay overtime? We have you covered with monthly payment options.

INTRODUCTORY Pricing Won't Last Long

We totally understand that sometimes the gap between our dreams and our finances can be a wide gap. Yet, we also understand the thing that is holding you back from your next level is your investment in yourself. Because of these 3 things we are offering the Concept To Creation course at a 30% off discount until 12/8/2020 and after that regular pricing will take place (believe us when we say we will NEVER offer this course at this price again.....EVER)!

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  • $250.00

    $250.00Social Media Audit

    The positioning of your social media account is a CRITICAL part of your overall success and longevity as a brand. In this service, you will receive a professional audit on 2 of your social media accounts with actionable steps to take to ensure success.
    Audit My Social Media!
  • $300.00

    $300.00One 1:1 Consultation

    Sometimes you just need extra help from an expert to help you through your specific questions, concerns, and those things you just cannot figure out. As a concept to creation student, Katie & Nicole are here to help you directly. During this 60- minute 1:1 call we will layout your concerns, review your specific situation and provide you with information and actionable steps tailored directly to you and your brand creation needs.
    Get 1:1 Help From Katie & Nicole
  • $750.00

    $750.00Three 1:1 Consultations

    For a more long-term and thorough consultation experience, this 3-session package offers Three, 60 minute 1:1 calls wherein we will lay out your concerns, review your specific situation, and provide you with information and actionable steps tailored directly to you and your brand creation needs.
    Get 1:1 Help From Katie & Nicole


  • Who Is This Course For?

    While the creators of this course are both healthcare professionals and have a huge connection with their fellow healthcare professional community and are dedicated to helping them build a life beyond the beside, anyone who has an idea they need help developing can take this course and build the brand of their dreams.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    How does life sound? That's right, once you purchase this course, it's yours FOREVER!

  • How do I know if I need to take this course?

    If you have an idea you can't get out of your head and REALLY want to develop the idea, but do not know where to start, and when you go to Google you feel overwhelmed, and don't know what information is fact-based and what information is not, then the Concept To Creation E-Course is for YOU!

  • What equipment do I need to take the course?

    Your computer, favorite notebook for notes, an open mind, determination, and a positive attitude.

  • When will I get access to the course and the private course community of like-minded people

    As soon as you purchase a course, you will receive an email to the email address you provided with your log-in information. Please note if you elected payment plans you will get access to certain modules as your payments are processed and have access to all modules and bonuses once your payment plan is successfully complete.

  • What if I change my mind after I purchase the course?

    While we definitely understand that life happens and things change, all course purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. The information that you receive in this course is of the highest quality and is invaluable, so trust the process and trust that you are making one of the best investments of your life! AN INVESTMENT IN YOU!